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About Us – and our Mission… Dolls teaching Girls!

It’s 2017 (this year). And 6 year old Maggie is scared. Soon she must live with her Grandma Peggy. She hasn’t seen Grandma Peggy since she was 4.This blog follow’s Maggie’s story…Pollyannanewdressgif4web

THIS BLOG is about Maggie learning Family and Country History from Grandma’s stories, favorite Books, Dolls and Doll Dresses, paper Dolls, etc. Doll Dress Patterns, etc. Included as well as some brief reviews of good books/media one can use to teach the young about the past and their present!

Maggie’s mom has gone to help sick soldiers in the Middle East. She is a military nurse.  Maggie’s dad has sold their home and he and Maggie are moving in with Grandma Peggy for now. Until Maggie’s Mom comes home.

Finally, just before Maggie and Daddy leave to drive to Grandma Peggy’s home, a package arrives. But Dad says “You can’t open it till we get to Grandma’s house!”

Wow! It’s an all-day drive to Grandma’s house near Chicago…Maggie can’t wait.

When she gets to Grandma’s house, she is scared again. But Grandma asks “Where’s your present? You get to OPEN it now!”

Maggie grabs the box from the car…She opens it up…to find an 18″ blond-haired girl doll in a white dress.

“Thank you Grandma!!!” Grandma smiles. Maggie smiles and hugs her…and the new doll.

“And now, Maggie, I will tell you a Story…about your Doll Greta! Greta was a REAL Girl…from 100 years ago!! ”

Maggie hugs Greta doll and says “Really Grandma?”

“I knew Greta!” says Grandma. Msggie is surprised!

“Grandma…I didn’t know you were so old!”  says Maggie.

Dad, holding a suitcase, stops to laugh. Grandma laughs also.

“Well, I knew Greta when she was old…And guess what Greta did???”

So Maggie sits on the steps of Grandma Peggy’s home while Dad unloads the car…and Grandma Peggy tells Maggie a story about Greta the 1917 Girl!

Pattern…fits most 18″ girl dolls. The dress from about 1912-13 when the book POLLYANNA came out. Free for anyone to use for personal or sale use

Pattern is also on my Pinterest site. It can be enlarged to scale or…easily graphed out.

.pollyanna-pattern-for-18-in-dollWatch for more adventures/stories of Maggie !



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